Support the Clinic

Your donation to Our Wild Neighbors will help provide:

  • Life-saving emergency medical care to sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals;
  • Care, feeding, and rehabilitation for wildlife patients during their recovery, and ongoing care;
  • Support for our outreach programs that help individuals to be good stewards of their environment and true friends to wildlife.
Non-Cash Donations: 
  • Rolls of ½ x ½ inch hardware (wire).
  • Any yardage of anti-pill fleece fabric (fabric stores carry this).
  • Rodent Block: these are vitamin biscuits and can be found on Chris’s
  • Snugglesafe Heat Pad (disc)
  • Heating pads (can be gently used) that do not have automatic shut off.
  • Large cages for mammal use (especially the multi-level large cat enclosures or ferret nation cages)
  • Woodworkers willing to build squirrel boxes, cages, pens (we supply the plans).

Our Wild Neighbors cannot fulfill its mission without the help of many dedicated volunteers. Volunteers play a vital role in assisting the patients as well as sharing the clinic’s message.

Volunteers serve in many different ways depending on their interests, availability, and the needs of the clinic. For available opportunities please sign up here.