Center Closed from Nov. 1, 2018 to Mar. 1, 2019

Our Wild Neighbors Wildlife Center will close from November 1, 2018 to March 1, 2019 to prepare for another busy season when we again begin our mission of saving orphaned and injured wildlife.

In the meantime, please see below for contact information should you need help. See our web site for what to do and NOT do in an effort to save found wildlife.

Before doing anything get the animal into a warm safe place and out of the reach of pets or children. Wrap the animal in a warm fleece or towel and place in a box or pet carrier. Use a protective outerwear/blanket for safety if needed on the box or pet carrier.

RAPTORS: Hawks, Owls, and other large birds of prey (often seen in winter)
Charlotte Raptor Center 704-875-6521 (#2)
Robin Thompson 919-457-3773
Carla Johnson 336-813-0800

For a list of rehabbers in North Carolina:….
Other North Carolina wildlife centers:
Possum Wood 910-326-6432
May Wildlife Rehabilitation Center 828-898-2568
Wildlife Removal (Tad Bassett) 919-661-0722