Our Wild Neighbors is dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of injured and orphaned wildlife, and we endeavor to educate the community to live in balance with our environment.

We were formed by volunteer licensed wildlife rehabilitators and wildlife enthusiasts. We are a nonprofit organization that cares for orphaned and injured wildlife in the Triangle and the surrounding counties. Working with the public we accept animals on a regular basis. OWN is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization staffed entirely by dedicated volunteers. We are supported totally through donations from the public and receive no city, county, state or federal funding.  All animals are accepted free of charge and with no obligation to the caller.

OWN is dedicated to the care of orphaned and injured wildlife by:
  • Providing professional medical treatment
  • Meeting the complete dietary and housing needs of each species
  • Supervising the complicated and delicate process of integration and release of
    animals back into their natural habitats.
OWN is active in the community as educators and advisers: 
  • School programs are made available to work with children
  • We attend public functions to meet, discuss and provide handouts.
  • Three newspapers now carry our articles on wildlife care & safety.
  • Programs for businesses and adult groups are offered.